Review: Special Report on e-Privacy and Online data Protection

Jeremy Phillips

The second edition of E-Privacy and Online Data Protection, with text by Susan Singleton (Singletons) and precedents by Eduardo Ustaran, is billed as a Tottel Special Report, which probably accounts for its steep price. The publisher is clearly aiming it at the in-house market when it proclaims:

“For less than the price of an hour’s consultancy, you’ll have all the targeted information it contains at your fingertips, ready for immediate use as and when issues arise. You won’t just be saving time – by doing away with the need for costly external advice, you’ll be saving precious resources for your company too”.

The blurb continues:

E-Privacy and Online Data Protection is the essential tool for in-house lawyers working in companies that trade electronically and handle information relating to individuals. With its authoritative and easy-to-follow explanations this report will give you all the information you need to operate lawfully online while respecting the privacy of your staff and customers.

Its comprehensively updated content and cutting-edge commentary make this Special Report the only way to keep up-to-date with current legal practice in an area of law and technology that has seen major upheaval and unprecedented change in recent years”.

This volume picks up and develops the prototype which was put together by Peter Carey (Charles Russell Solicitors) and, at a distance of five years, does an excellent job of updating it. It covers all the main areas, as one would expect, giving the sort of realistic practical examples that give the reader the confidence to imagine that the author has actually been online and gained direct personal experience. Topics such as social networking sites are addressed as well as the more conventional areas in which, over a short period of time, statute and industrial usage has crystallised a surprisingly deep degree of custom and practice in this dynamic area.

Bibliographic details: ISBN 978 1 84592 449 2. Paperback, A4. xxxix + 263 pages plus CD with 13 precedents. Price £275.00 (plus VAT at 9%). Web page here.

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