ENISA recommends incentives to comply with DP laws

Jeremy Phillips

ENISA (the European Network and Information Security Agency) has published a 49-page report, Technology-Induced Challenges in Privacy and Data Protection in Europe (here) which analyses the problems presented by the latest information and communication technologies for privacy and data protection. Its 13 key recommendations propose, inter alia, an incentive system, backed by both the Commission itself and EU Member States, to motivate compliance with data protection laws; the system should include a package of tax incentives, connected to a certification scheme and sanctions for non-compliance.

ENISA also recommends that the Commission introduce a comprehensive security breach notification law, as well as privacy impact assessments by the industrial sector. A further recommendation is that the right of data subject access is re-framed within the existing legal framework ,to ensure that individuals can access the maximum amount of their personal data online, ideally at zero cost.

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