Survey reveals UK council data risks

Jeremy Phillips

According to IT PRo, a new survey reports that as many as 90% of the UK’s largest city councils cannot guarantee that all sensitive data held on their laptops is encrypted. 40 IT decision-makers working for UK councils were questioned by network solutions provider Telindus. Of those questioned, nearly half said they had responded to recent data leakage incidents by reviewing or rolling out new security technologies to ensure sensitive data held on laptops is protected. However, 43 per cent had no immediate plans to upgrade their data protection.

According to Telindus, the respondents have been relying on password authentication and the diligence of staff to follow security policies that state sensitive data must not be transferred to laptops. Since 92% of respondents confirmed that they enabled their staff to connect to the council network from remote locations, it was apparent that they were running the risk of human error or malicious sabotage.

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