Intel, Ericsson to ease headaches for laptop losers

Jeremy Phillips

While much recent debate has focused on failure to establish and comply with data security standards for the use of increasingly leak-risky laptop computers, the search for technical solutions has continued apace. A report on states that Intel and Ericsson have teamed up to help make laptops more secure by ensuring that Ericsson’s Mobile Broadband Modules are interoperable with Intel’s Anti-Theft PC Protection Technology. This collaboration means that, in the event of a notebook being lost or stolen, the data on the device can be protected, thereby minimising the potential impact of the incident.

This system will let an IT manager send an SMS message to the mobile broadband module inside the notebook, which securely transfers the message to Intel’s anti-theft function inside the processor platform, setting off the appropriate action — usually to lock the device down completely. Similarly, should the device be recovered, an unlock message can be sent that makes the data accessible again.

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