Bulgarian bank data policy insufficiently shredded

Jeremy Phillips

Focus News Agency reports on the tale of a Bulgarian citizen, Ivaylo Asparuhov, who visited his bank in Sofia in order to unfreeze his bank account. He was asked for his personal ID card from the bank employee, who then made a photocopy of the document. Mr Asparuhov subsequently complained to the Personal Data Protection Commission that photocopies of his ID card and those of other bank clients had been carelessly thrown into a waste bin by several bank officials right in front of his eyes. His complaint was strengthened by the fact that he had the presence of mind to take photos of the alleged data protection breaches with his mobile phone.

The Commission analysed the photos and concluded that the bank had failed to destroy the personal data of its customers in a way that would prevent it from being accessible to persons other than bank staff.  The Commission decided to impose administrative sanctions upon the financial institution. Representatives of the bank stated that its paper-shredding machine was too loud, so they had to move it to a different floor. It has since been reported that the machine has been returned to its rightful place, beside the bank’s photocopier.

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