Today the Datonomy data protection weblog goes live. This blog is dedicated principally to legal developments concerning data protection, mainly but not exclusively in Europe. It also seeks to identify significant commercial developments that may have legal repercussions. Ultimately Datonomy hopes to establish a community of data-protection-minded people and a forum for raising and sharing ideas as well as recording and commenting on key events.

Please explore Datonomy and see what it offers. If you find it useful, interesting or enjoyable, please feel free to sign up to receive each post as an email, or get it by RSS feed (both these options are available via the side bar on the right). Or you can just call back and visit the blog whenever you fancy.

What the team has done so far is still very much ‘work in progress’ and there’s plenty of scope for improvement and refinement. If you’ve any constructive suggestions for the team, please email me here and let me know.

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