A recent study by datacentre solutions provider Brocade suggests that IT heads in Europe are still not dealing with information security satisfactorily. Brocade interviewed 4,500 senior IT managers in the UK, France and Germany in late 2008 across a range of sectors (public sector, health, finance, retail, manufacturing/logistics, telco, media etc.).

The study revealed that data was unencrypted in 70% of companies which had suffered a breach, despite 82% of people interviewed agreeing that encryption could have mitigated the risks, and 80% agreeing that data security is one of the (if not THE) largest challenges for their company.

According to Mike Murphy, European director of marketing at Brocade, encryption has a bad reputation for being difficult to deploy and an inhibitor of performance. He compared it to insurance in that there is no tangible return on investment for companies, and so it does not always rate highly in a company’s budget.

Interestingly, 97% of interviewees considered their data to be very secure or secure. Could overconfidence also be a reason for low take up of measures such as encryption?

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