Czechs and balances: a new public data administration scheme

Jeremy Phillips

News from Prague, via České noviny, is that the Czech Chamber of Deputies has just passed a bill on the establishment of four central data registries from which public administration offices are to draw necessary information as from July 2010. These are

* the register of the population,
* the register of entities (companies and offices),
* the register of territorial identification, addresses and real estate and
* the register of rights and obligations.

The four new registries are to replace the current system of fragmented and often duplicated databases under the control of a variety of ministries and offices. The bill still requires Senate approval, following which it must be signed into force by the President Vaclav Klaus.

Information on the new registries will be presumptively correct and will not require external verification by civil servants, with the result that citizens will no longer be repeatedly obliged to provide and prove their personal data. Data is to be protected under the watchful eye of the Office of Personal Data Protection. Citizens will be able to ascertain the data that the state stores about them and the identity of whoever has sought that data.

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