Information Sharing proposals dropped by Jack Straw

There is now a post on the Information Commissioner’s website apparently confirming the report in Sunday’s Observer that the Government intends to drop the Information Sharing proposals in the Coroners and Justice Bill. It isn’t clear whether the idea is to drop everything in the proposals (ie the powers contained in an Information Order) or just the widely drawn scope of an Order. We will have to see. Apparently the Information Commissioner will be asked to lead a public consultation on the issue (but hasn’t he already done that?).

A sense of unreality still hovers about the whole matter. Whenever Ministers are questioned about what the proposals are for, it seems all that was ever intended was to get a better take up on free meals for eligible schoolchildren, or, in the latest avatar, avoiding having to inform government agencies separately when someone has died.

Please! This is a bit like assembling an army of porters and oxygen equipment for what looks like a Himalyan expedition, and then saying all you want to do is take a stroll up Box Hill with your maiden aunt. The best thing to do would be to start all over again: and no more crampons in Surrey.

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