Costa Rica aims at new DP enactment

Jeremy Phillips

Inside Costa Rica reports that the Central American republic plans to introduce a Law on Data Protection (official title: “the Law on Individual’s Protection against Personal Data Treatment”). Unsurprisingly the future Law is said to seek to ensure the respect of every physical and legal person’s fundamental rights, specifically th right to self determination of disclosure on personal or business life and other personal rights, regardless of nationality or residence. The Law will also ensure the protection of freedom and equality regarding both automatic and manual treatment of data belonging to them.

Legal definitions are to be provided for terms such as “personal data”, “legal entity data” and “sensitive data”, among other things. The new Law’s basic principles are planned to serve as “the backbone to Data Protection in the country”, embracing a right to information on data gathering, the concerned party’s consent, data quality, data safety and a duty to preserve confidentiality.

Once all this has been done, it will be interesting to see how Costa Rica’s national provisions will compare with the EU norm and whether it will assist the local economy to be better placed to bid for data-sensitive outsourced work.

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