Copy Advice is a new service, under the auspices of the British Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP), that seeks to help advertisers, advertising agencies and media owners to create non-broadcast advertisements that comply with the CAP Code.

The Copy Advice service offers a free, confidential pre-publication vetting service and, according to its FAQs, also provides advice on data protection:

“Yes, we advise on the use of personal data for direct marketing and sales promotion – mail, e-mail and SMS. We can also guide you on the delivery of mail order goods and refunds. And we can point you in the direction of other organisations that can help you further”.

Datonomy suspects that this will become very popular. Apart from the obvious facts that it’s free and highly accessible, the backing of the CAP means that advertisers will feel safe to rely on data protection advice that effectively emanates from the body that generates the norms of honest commercial practice that govern them.

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