SpinVox under pressure following BBC allegations

Jeremy Phillips

David Meyer, writing for ZDNet.uk, reports on allegations that the British voice-to-text conversion company SpinVox has been operating in breach of data protection rules. The allegations were made by the BBC, following an investigation which concluded that SpinVox used call centres in the Philippines and South Africa to carry out voice-to-text conversions, prompting the Information Commissioner’s Office to say it would be in touch with SpinVox about the transfer of personal data outside the European Economic Area. According to Privacy International South Africa has no data protection laws and the Philippines is in much the same position, even both recognise some measure of protection of personal privacy.

SpinVox insists that its processes are compliant with data-protection legislation and that any use of people rather than machines was to help its automated systems learn. Said a spokesman for the company:
“SpinVox takes security extremely seriously and ensuring the protection of data is core to the SpinVox ethos. To date, SpinVox has successfully managed millions of conversions, and has no history of breach of security.”

The company added that, while it has partners both inside and outside the EEA, it is selective as to which of its partners are provided with information.

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