Never mind the mobility issue, just feel the quality of the DP

Jeremy Phillips

The Department for We Know What’s Really in Your Best Interests Even if You Don’t has been industrious again, if news from the leafy London suburb of Kingston is anything to go by. In “‘Data protection’ holding back Kingston bus service for elderly and disabled”, David Lindsell (writing for This is Local London) describes how it is data protection which has protracted the struggle to help elderly and disabled users who had been left in difficulties following the closure of the Kingston Enterprise scheme. Kingston Enterprise, a transport scheme operated by Richmond and Kingston Accessible Transport (Rakat), ceased to function when it lost two-thirds of its public funding.

Bob Steed, the member of the Kingston Council who is responsible for transport, has been trying to find a solution to the mobility problems of the elderly and disabled people affected, but to no avail:

“We offered to help existing users of Kingston Enterprise. We asked for the names. Rakat said it could not release names because of the Data Protection Act”.

Alan Smart, operations director at Rakat, said the organisation may be able to provide a list if the users gave their permisssion. He said: “We have to do things properly but it’s quite possible”. The old and infirm must be so comforted to know that their best interests are being so well protected.

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