Switzerland: an Oasis for Blur?

Jeremy Phillips

Associated Press reports that Google has confirmed that its Street View service will blur some pictures from Switzerland even more, following objections by the Federal Data Protection Commissioner, Hanspeter Thuer, that the images were violating the country’s strict privacy laws. The main objects of the enhanced blurring will be individuals’ faces and vehicle licence numbers.

Right: an extreme case of facial blurring (Rene Magritte)
Switzerland will be the first country to benefit from this treatment, said Google. Faces will eventually be extra-blurred in other Europeaan countries too; licence numbers will only receive this treatment in Switzerland, because the letters and numbers are bigger than on other countries’ licence plates [Ever suspicious, Datonomy wonders if any motoring buffs among its readers can verify whether the numbers and letters on Swiss number plates are indeed bigger — and, if so, by how much].

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