BSI launches its Data Protection Online

Jeremy Phillips

BSI issued yesterday a media release (remember when they used to be called press releases?) on its new online data protection tool. According to the release:

“BSI … launches BSI Data Protection Online, an online tool designed to help organizations with the effective management of personal information …

The new online self-assessment tool offers guidance and self-assessment in support of BS 10012, the data protection standard published by BSI earlier this year [reported by Datonomy here]. The standard provides a framework which enables effective management of personal information, paving the way for an infrastructure for maintaining and improving compliance with data protection legislation.

BSI Data Protection Online enables an organization to systematically work through its Personal Information Management System (PIMS), testing strengths and identifying areas for improvement. This process develops confidence in procedures and practices and will ultimately help deliver a better service to customers.

Specifically, this self-contained and secure resource will allow you to:
* Undertake a self-assessment process against the requirements of BS 10012
* Get contextual help throughout the process, written by data protection experts
* Start new, or amend existing, self-assessments whenever needed allowing you to track your progress
* Share self-assessments with colleagues and embed data protection best practice within your organization.

The resource also features a regularly-updated reference library of guidance, including case studies and topical commentaries written by data protection experts which will be updated monthly.

The tool is applicable to any organization that holds personal information, regardless of its size, complexity and sector. It has been specifically designed for use across multiple sites and with multiple users so you can manage data protection legislation compliance in any jurisdiction for outsourced and cross-border activities. Or you can just as easily use it as a stand-alone application …”

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