Back To The Future: The Conservatives Proposals on the Surveillance State

Dominic Grieve (left), the UK Shadow Justice Minister, has published his proposals on “Reversing the Rise of the Surveillance State”, which can be found here on the Conservative Party’s website.

In spite of the title – will the Surveillance State whizz off backwards at great speed to where it all started Rising? – Datonomy readers are urged to inspect the document.

And perhaps there is something unconsciously symptomatic in that title.We might ask, less jocularly, how it is that something which is going backwards is also in some other sense going somewhere new, rather than back to the past, perhaps an innocent pre-technological past. The progressive component in the proposals is not yet clear to me.

Do the Conservatives really understand the modern world, or is it just that they don’t like it?

More considered thoughts to follow.

[There is already a very good analysis here on Toby Stevens’ blog on Computer Weekly].

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