A note on Cordis Wire, “EU Data Protection Directive restrictions for safeguarding National Security”, reports today on the FP7 funded project HIDE – Homeland Security, Biometrics Identification & Personal Detection Ethics, an International Workshop on “Restrictions in the Implementation of EU Data Protection Directive for Public Interest, Security and Defense”.

This workshop, held in Ljubljana on 17-18 September, brought together stakeholders of the areas of biometrics, data protection, privacy and security, representatives of the European government and non-government organizations – with the emphasis on the Balkan region and the New Member States – to identify and discuss issues related to restrictions in the implementation of EU data protection principles for matters of public interest, security and defence. According to the note:
“It is well known that the existing practices and the legislative measures related to article 13 of the Directive 95/46/EC – dealing with the personal data and privacy rights’ restrictions when they constitute a necessary measure to safeguard national security and defence – are not harmonized across the EU Member States, and that this is especially true for the New Member and Balkan States.
The workshop has been designed to bring together individuals from different sides of the privacy vs. security conflict in a “safe” environment to address questions that are otherwise difficult to discuss”.

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