Postscript is an good source of high quality books that have been remaindered or are end of run.

I have just got “The Oxford Handbook of Information and Communication Technologies”, published in 2007, for £16.99 hardback (£85 full price). The editors are from the LSE, and the essays have a focus on ICT’s and organisations, the knowledge economy, culture, governance, and democracy. Charles Raab on Privacy, and David Lyon on Surveillance.Well worth it.

Also John Barrell’s “The Spirit of Despotism – Invasions of Privacy in the 1790’s” – Oxford 2006, at £12.99. The author is one of the best cultural historians of the 18th century. It helps to realise that it is not only 20th century societies that have suffered privacy invasions.

I know it is difficult to read and to work as well. Still, better than watching the Conservative Party Conference. Dominic Grieve (Shadow Justice) speaks tomorrow.

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