The fifth edition of Butterworths E-Commerce and Information Technology Law Handbook has quite a Datonomic flavour about it. Weblog team member Jeremy is Consultant Editor and his blogging colleague Claire Walker was invaluable in pointing him towards recent items of subordinate legislation that help to bulk out its 1,861 pages.

Right: if you’re searching for it in your local law book shop, the new Fifth Edition looks much like the Third Edition, pictured here

The LexisNexis UK website doesn’t yet seem to feature this volume, but it’s definitely in existence. From a data protection and informational point of view it’s nicely up-to-date, featuring amendments to the Data Protection Act 1998 under the Criminal Justice Act 2008 and the Data Retention (EC Directive) Regulations 2009 together with sundry other ‘must-read’ materials.

Bibliographic data: ISBN 978 1 4057 5029 5. Paperback, price not yet known but bound to be expensive (the fourth edition was selling at £122).

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