Consultation on ICO’s new online code of practice

Claire Walker

Datonomy thought readers would be interested to learn of the ICO’s latest consultation, which concerns a draft Personal information online code of practice, officially published on 9 December. The code offers practical guidance on the ICO’s interpretation of the DataProtection Act principles as they apply to a number of practical technical issues – including the extent to which IP addresses can be “personal data”, cookies, and the use of privacy settings. Another issue addressed is the collection of data from children and other vulnerable people, especially in a marketing context. Datonomy is pleased to see the ICO going further to tackle practical questions of interpreting the DPA, in a very user-friendly way. The ICO is also open to suggestions as to whether there are other questions the guidance should address.
In keeping with its online theme, the consultation is genuinely interactive as it allows responses to be sumitted online via this link . The deadline is 5 March. More considered thoughts on this from Datonomy anon.
(This Datonomist is still working her way through the 175 pages of the ICO’s all-new comprehensive Guide to Data Protection which was also published recently!)

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