TACHOnet to foil drivers with dual identities

Jeremy Phillips

Commission Recommendation of 13 January 2010 on the secure exchange of electronic data between Member States to check the uniqueness of driver cards that they issue was published this morning on the website of the Official Journal of the European Union. The object of this Recommendation is the TACHOnet messaging system, which enables information relating to long-distance drivers to be shared between Member States via a digital tachograph system which allocates a driver card to each driver. According to the recital to the Recommendation,

“(6) It is desirable that issuing authorities have effective processes and procedures in place to properly manage data about the issuance of tachograph cards in general, and driver cards in particular.

(7) Member State issuing authorities should be able to check quickly, and reliably exchange, information about issued driver cards, and thereby prevent drivers being in possession of more than one valid driver card.

(8) It should be possible for the responsible national authorities to verify during road side checks whether a driver is in possession of a driver card and to check the validity status of a given driver card”.

Enthusiasts can read about the data protection aspects of TACHOnet here.

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