You may have noticed that the European Parliament made a press release last week in relation to its new digital strategy. sets out the vision for internet policy for the next five years and after. This has been passed as a resolution and has been referred to the European Commission.

Among other lofty goals such as the right of every EU household to have access to broadband at a competitive price by 2013, the EP advocates a digital rights charter. The EP says that this charter should “consolidate the Community acquis including, in particular, users’ rights relating to the protection of privacy, vulnerable users and digital content …”.

The resolution says that a “clear legal framework laying down the rights and duties of citizens is essential. Preserving ‘a fair balance between the right-holders’ rights and the general public’s access to content and knowledge’ is also crucial.”

The resolution further states that protection of privacy is a core value and that “all users should have control of their personal data, including the ‘right to be forgotten’.

Essentially what the EP is saying that an individual should be able to require that their personal data is purged from companies’ systems, even if it was originally provided with their consent. The audience of ‘Erasing David‘ may agree that this will be a difficult task!

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