Since 2007 Google has taken street view photos of cities all over the world. In connection with this street view photo documentation Google has also collected names of the wi-fi hotspots, MAC-Addresses from connected devices and, in particular, user data from unsecured hotspots. After Google revealed these facts in May 2010, the ICO demanded Google delete the data but the ICO has not announced further sanctions. On July the 29th 2010 the ICO released the following statement: “The ICO has visited Google’s premises to assess samples of the ‘pay-load’ data it inadvertently collected. Whilst Google considered it unlikely that it had collected anything other than fragments of content, we wanted to make our own judgement as to the likelihood that significant personal data had been retained and, if so, the extent of any intrusion. The information we saw does not include meaningful personal details that could be linked to an identifiable … Continue Reading ››