National Health Insurance E-Cards – a New Romanian Governmental Project

The Romanian government is preparing to implement the national health insurance electronic cards. Although the details in respect to such system are not yet available at least on a public level, it has been promised by government officials that the first electronic cards will be provided to individuals in January 2011. 

To this end, the Romanian Government issued in September 2010 a decision by which the state owned National Printing Company is designated as the entity which will produce the national cards. The electronic cards shall contain at least the following personal data: identification data, personal numerical code, the number of requested medical services, medical diagnostics presenting vital risks, RH and blood type. 

Despite the above mentioned public announcements, the national data privacy authority has not been yet requested to issue its opinion in respect to the system implied by the above mentioned project. The opinion of the national data privacy authority could have a certain impact on the implementing details of the systems and on the data to be processed and available through the electronic card. In a previous case, when the Romanian government intended to issue by request identity electronic cards containing biometric data, the authority has restricted such practice for the individuals being under 14. It remains to be seen the impact which will play this time in the process of implementing the electronic cards. 

The electronic system that will be used to transfer information from the Health Insurance Office to the medical institutions and backwards which will be created and implemented by a private company to be determined through a public procurement procedure, will have to observe these principles imposed by the general legislation and the specific legislation of data privacy.

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