CAP updates rule on collecting data from children

The Committee of Advertising Practice (which publishes the CAP Code, the rules which govern non-broadcast advertising and sales promotions) this week updated their rules on collecting data from children for marketing purposes. The update has been made to reflect the ICO’s guidance on the topic that was published in June last year – see their press release here:

The updated CAP Code rule 10.16 now states:

Marketers must not knowingly collect personal information about other people from children under 16 unless that information is the minimum required to make a recommendation for a product, is not used for a significantly different purpose from that originally consented to, and the marketer can demonstrate that the collection of that information was suitable for the age group targeted.

Data about third parties collected from children must not be kept for longer than necessary.”

Rule 10.15 of the CAP Code prevents marketers from collecting personal information from children under the age of 12 without parental consent.

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