You’ll never talk alone

This Datonomist doesn’t have the best sense of direction, so I’ve been glad in recent months to find my way to the excellent Watching the Connectives  blog, which describes itself as “a lawyer’s insight into telecoms and technology.” And a story from last week in particular caught my eye, about quite how much location data and other data mobile phone operators are obliged to keep about each of us pursuant to the Data Retention Directive. (I say “each of us” but here’s a shameless link about one of Justin Bieber’s friends who allegedly doesn’t use a mobile phone).

The introduction of the Data Retention Regulations in the UK was accompanied by many quips from privacy advocates like the one in the title of this post, and a review of the regime in due course was promised. Look out for further information about that latter point and meanwhile do take a look at that location map accessible via Watching the Connectives.

We’ll also update you as soon as there is more information on cookies and data breach notification in the UK draft regulations expected out today.

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