Consultation draft of new DP Regulation published?

Claire Walker

The Statewatch website has published what appears to be a draft of the Proposal for a Regulation to replace the current Data Protection Directive.  The   draft for the proposal is still at the inter-service consultation stage, i.e. doing the rounds of the different DGs with a potential interest in the proposal.  So, the final draft of the proposal (not due to make its official appearance until January)  might differ from the version currently on the Statewatch site – and of course, assuming this version is authentic….

However, with those caveats in mind, following the FT’s teaser at the weekend, those eager for a preview of the content may not be able to resist taking a look.  There are 116 pages to trawl through, but notably:

  • the proposal is for a Regulation, not a Directive, therefore directly applicable in and binding on Member States
  • for proposals on sanctions, see Chapter 8 (and for fines in particular, Article 79 (4) on page 89)
  • the hot topic of data security and breach notification rules are contained in Section 2.

Datonomy is grateful to one of its eagle-eyed correspondents for spotting the document  on Statewatch.  We will continue to track the progress of the new Regulation and  its potential implications, and we look forward to Datonomy readers’ views too.



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