DP reform package still on for 25 Jan, despite delay rumours?

Claire Walker

If , like this Datonomist, you have been trying to make sense of the conflicting reports about  delays – or otherwise – to publication of the draft DP Regulation, then this report  just posted byEuractiv.com confidently predicts the publication of a “package” comprising a communication, a regulation, a directive and a technical report on the 25 January – the date  expected for formal publication, following the unofficial debut of an interservice text last month.    

Datonomy is sure that its readers have already seen the various reports since last week, rumouring the possible delay and detailing the numerous objections from various Directorates General at the Commission which prompted it.   If not,  the Euractiv article provides  a useful snapshot of these, as does recent coverage on MLex.

Which report is right?  Who knows.  Datonomy is saving it energies for analysing the official draft of the proposal – whenever it may emerge!

The leaked proposal for the new Regulation has also attracted criticism from the other side of the Atlantic – an  “informal note” detailing 9 pages of concerns (but “not necessarily represent[ing] the views of the FTC nor any other US governmental agency” appears on the on the Statewatch site . Those specific (and non exhaustive) concerns, relating to matters within the remit of the FTC, follow two broad themes: potential adverse effect on interoperability of privacy frameworks, and implications for enforcement activities.

And, as Datonomy’s Berlin  correspondent Christina Motejl reported yesterday, the draft proposal has attracted criticism from Germanyby virtue of its form – a directly applicable regulation – on constitutional and political grounds.

Last but not least, the business lobby is already weighing up the potential impact of the regulation on day to day operations.  If the reports are to be believed, we can expect to see some toning down of certain  aspects of the leaked draft.   Additional red tape is never going to be welcome, but will the next draft have been  watered down enough to make it  palatable?

Datonomy looks forward to some concrete developments in the week ahead.

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