It’s official: some initial reactions to the draft DP Regulation

Claire Walker

So, the reports that we would not see the detail of the reforms until March proved unfounded. The official publication of the Commission’s DP reform proposals earlier today, exactly on schedule,  cannot have escaped the notice of Datonomy readers. (But just in case, the link to the package of new measures is here .)

The centre of attention is the comprehensive Regulation, weighing in at 139 Recitals and 91 Articles and a total of 118 pages (if you include the memo at the front and the impact statement at the back).

The Datonomy correspondents at Olswang have been busy all afternoon analysing the practical implications of the proposal, and their initial analysis for in house counsel is now available.

The new regime will obviously have a major impact on data protection regulators too – the  initial reactions of the UK’s  regulator are here on the ICO’s website.

Anyone who missed Vice President Reding’s press conference at lunchtime can watch it at their leisure.  Datonomy was delighted to see that the Vice President echoed the views in the  recent post by Christina Motejl that the strong new rules draw inspiration from Germany.

There will be no shortage of law firm and business commentary in the media over the hours and days to come – Datonomy looks forward to hearing the views and comments of its correspondents and readers (both in house and in private practice) from around the globe, and to some lively debate as the details of the proposals are evaluated in more depth – and at greater leisure.

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