Datonomy readers who wish to influence the detail of the EU's reform proposals via the UK Government have until 6 March to do so.  The Ministry of Justice has this week issued a Call For Evidence to help inform its negotiating stance on the proposed Regulation.  The link to the document and to an online questionnaire is here. Datonomy readers could be forgiven for having a sense of deja vu - the MoJ conducted a similar exercise in 2010 as part of  the lengthy consultation process which preceded the Commission's formulation of the current proposal.  Of course, a new consultation exercise is necessary now that the "phoney war" is over and we are dealing with actual draft legislation  rather than a series of policy objectives and statements.  What line is the UK Government likely to take? The Secretary of State For Justice, Ken Clarke expressed a conservative (in both senses of the word) … Continue Reading ››