With the Bank Holiday weekend fast approaching many Datonomy readers are likely to be taking some work home, checking into emails and looking at other work functions over the break.  And the chances are that you will be doing this on a personal device, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop. As Datonomy readers are no doubt aware, working off your own personal device is an increasing trend known as 'bring your own device' (BYOD).  In September 2012, Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, stated that iPads were in 94% of Fortune 500 companies, and tablets represent just one wavelength in the spectrum of technology infusing the workplace. Along with the potential benefits of BYOD, such as working from your favourite coffee shop with a latte in hand, comes increased data protection and data security risks.  The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) recently commissioned a survey that YouGov conducted in February this year which … Continue Reading ››
There have been various press reports over the last couple of days on the Irish Presidency's memo to the EU Council of Ministers' on the draft data protection Regulation.  The memo has been reported as a watering down of the Commission's proposals.  The Presidency encourages further consideration of a more risk based approach to compliance, with an alleviation of some of the burdens of the new Regulation where processing of data is limited or involves pseuodonymous data. They have also asked the Council to consider whether the controversial requirement for organisations to appoint a data protection officer could be made optional, with possible incentives in the form of reduced regulation where an organisation does appoint a DPO. Datonomy's view is that although the memo is a step in the right direction it is a tentative one which fails to delve into specifics or tackle the more controversial provisions of the draft Regulation. The jury … Continue Reading ››