Cyber developments in Belgium

Lauren Cuyvers

In late 2014, the CCSB (‘Center for Cyber Security Belgium’) was launched following the Royal Decree of 10 October 2014. The CCSB is designed to ensure better cooperation and coordination between public authorities and the private and/or scientific sector. It was estimated to become operational in early 2015, but it seems this still hasn’t taken place. Due to the far-reaching degree of coordination, which should establish an improved level of cybersecurity, the operationalisation of the CCSB is still eagerly awaited. For more elaborate information on this topic, please see DataGuidance: Privacy This Week.

Along the same lines, the B-CCCentre (‘Belgian Cybercrime Center of Excellence for Training, Research and Education) has been developed. This is an over-arching platform for collaboration and coordination with respect to cybercrime in Belgium. It combines academic researchers, industry players and public organisations to provide not only guidance but also practical training & awareness on cybersecurity. The organisation issued their ‘Belgian Cyber Security Guide’ (in French) to collate recent advice. 

In March 2015, it was made clear that the Belgian military is allowed to hire cybersecurity specialists from now on. They will be deployed to help develop the ‘Cyber Security Operations Center’ which will serve to analyse risks and ensure protection of the military’s information systems. 

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