Update on ISO 27018: The international privacy standard for public cloud

Daniel Jung

Last year on this blog we reported on the newly-published ISO 27018 – the first global security standard for cloud services.

Earlier this year, we compared ISO 27018 with Singapore’s data protection laws (and others) and showed that ISO 27018 will help cloud customers to comply with these laws when using public cloud services.

This month, we blogged on the latest market developments and noted that ISO 27018 is becoming the “go to” standard to help cloud customers to comply with their privacy obligations when using public cloud services.  Cloud customers, CSPs and regulators are using (and benefiting from) this new useful standard around the world.  We expect this to continue as more companies (and more personal data) move to the public cloud services.

With thanks to Matthew Hunter, Olswang Associate in the Singapore office, for his contribution to this article.

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