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Event Date: Tuesday 12th April 2016 Cyber risk exposures evolve rapidly, leaving businesses exposed to external and internal operational risks that are very difficult to predict. With such a wealth of opinion available from a variety of sources, formulating a robust and cohesive strategy to protect your business can be daunting. To help you take the first step, cyber risk specialists, PGI, Olswang and Paragon have combined forces to create an innovative end to end solution to provide your company with financial risk transfer, cyber risk management and incident response support. We would like to invite you to our breakfast briefing to hear more about how to manage your exposures and learn about our new proprietary cyber risk solution. Date: Tuesday 12th April 2016 Time: 8:00am - 10.00am Venue: 2nd Floor, Columbus Room, Paragon International Insurance Brokers Ltd, 140 Leadenhall Street, London EC3V 4QT Click here for location map Simply  e-mail to … Continue Reading ››
Today the long awaited new cookies rules come into force in Europe. If you have a website, what are your plans for compliance? Do the changes keep you up at night or do you think its all a bit of hot air and enforcement is unlikely to happen anytime soon anyway? In the UK, the ICO recently published some guidance on its approach to the new law (which in short see the move from an "opt" out approach to the use of cookies to one requiring "opt-in" consent). Whilst helpful in some respects it came as a bit of surprise to some by going further than expected. Many had thought, given the Information Commissioner's comments in various TV and radio appearances early this year, that compliance was unlikely to really become an issue for businesses until the autumn. Instead the guidance emphasises that you can't simply sit back and … Continue Reading ››
This Datonomist doesn't have the best sense of direction, so I've been glad in recent months to find my way to the excellent Watching the Connectives  blog, which describes itself as "a lawyer's insight into telecoms and technology." And a story from last week in particular caught my eye, about quite how much location data and other data mobile phone operators are obliged to keep about each of us pursuant to the Data Retention Directive. (I say "each of us" but here's a shameless link about one of Justin Bieber's friends who allegedly doesn't use a mobile phone). The introduction of the Data Retention Regulations in the UK was accompanied by many quips from privacy advocates like the one in the title of this post, and a review of the regime in due course was promised. Look out for further information about that latter point and meanwhile do take a … Continue Reading ››
This is just a brief note to let UK-based Datonomy readers know that there are a couple of places left at Olswang's Data Security seminar taking place on Thursday this week, in the Thames Valley Office in Reading, commencing at 8.45am. The link provides full details - please RSVP Verity.Pike@Olswang.Com if you would like to attend - first come, first served.
The Chief Executive of Cambridgeshire County Council this week signed a formal undertaking with the ICO under which the Council agreed to ensure that all portable devices used by it would be encrypted and that it would carry out regular monitoring of its data protection policies and IT security measures in order to ensure that they were being followed by all staff. This formal commitment by Cambridgeshire County Council was prompted by an incident in November 2010 when an employee of the Council lost an unencrypted memory stick which contained the personal data of at least 6 vunerable individuals. The information on the storage device also included case notes and minutes of meetings relating to the individuals’ support. The unencrypted device was used by a member of the Council's staff only after they had encountered problems using an encrypted memory stick that the council had previously provided. Ironically the breach … Continue Reading ››
Last week the European Commission formally approved Israel's data protection laws as being adequate for the purposes of the Data Protection Directive (see link to the Commission's decision here). Data protection and privacy in Israel is overseen by the ILITA (the Israeli Law, Information and Technology Authority) which has the power to investigate and intervene in cases where it suspects a breach of data protection and privacy laws has occurred. Formal approval effectively confirms a decision made by the EU back in October 2010 (see Datonomy's previous post here) to add Israel to the list countries whose data protection laws have been deemed by the EU to be sufficiently strong enough to protect personal data to a level that is equivalent to protection afforded by EU Member States. Prior to the decision the only countries that had been approved by the EU were Switzerland, Argentina, the Bailiwick of … Continue Reading ››