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On 3 February 2011 the Danish Data Protection Agency (Datatilsynet) issued an opinion on cloud computing. In its opinion the DPA rejects the Municipality of Odense’s use of cloud computing to store certain sensitive information, primarily due to important security issues. The Municipality of Odense requested an advance opinion from the DPA concerning the municipality’s planned use within the school system of Google Apps online office suite with calendar and document processing features. The municipality wanted teachers to use the solution when registering information about lesson planning and assessments of lesson plans and individual students’ educational development. In addition, the teachers were to take notes on the classes and the students’ cooperation and prepare letters to parents regarding their children. The municipality also wanted to use the solution for planning and sending invitations to meetings and distributing information about school-related activities. The use of the solution would have involved the processing … Continue Reading ››
As of 1 November 2010 the Swedish Data Inspection Board (“Board”) has issued a regulation for whistleblowing. The new regulation takes away some of the formalities for companies which are about to launch whistleblowing schemes in Sweden. The Swedish Data Protection Act (“Act”) prohibits other parties than public authorities to process personal data concerning legal offences. Since whistleblowing schemes may involve the processing of such personal data, companies wanting to implement whistleblowing schemes in Sweden have, in the past, been obliged to procure a formal exemption from the Board. With the new regulation this is no longer necessary (as long as the company complies with the regulation). Basically, the regulation codifies the Board’s view as it has been expressed in its past decisions. In essence this means that a whistleblowing scheme may be implemented provided that: