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In "Cloud computing takes hold despite privacy fears" Heather Havenstein (Computerworld) 09/15/2008 writes for Networkworld that, although computer users are increasingly making use of 'cloud computing', availing themselves of web-based computer software applications packages and storage facilities, many have become increasingly concerned about the security of their personal data, according to a study released late last week from the Pew Internet & American Life project. According to that study
* 69% of online users practised one or more forms of cloud computing;
* 56% use webmail services like Hotmail or Gmail;
* 34% store photos online;
* 29% use online applications like Google Document or Adobe Photoshop Express.

However, the convenience and ease of use has its downside too. According to a spokesman for Pew:
"Even as large numbers of users turn to 'cloud computing' applications, many may lack a … Continue Reading ››