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Datonomy can empathise with anyone tasked with making their organisation's website compliant with the cookie consent rules. Here we share our own experiences,  review the latest guidance from the ICO and take a look at some of the compliance mechanisms appearing  on other UK websites. Stop press – revised guidance from the ICO on implied consent The ICO marked the end of its year long enforcement amnesty by refreshing its guidance.  On 25 May it launched: The clear message from the ICO is that, although non compliant businesses must now take action, the emphasis should be on "good" rather than "rushed" compliance solutions.   The most … Continue Reading ››
Austria is not the only EU Member State in trouble with the European Commission. Following last week's post by Datonomy's Austrian correspondent, the UK Government has responded to the Commission's recent censure by publishing proposals to tighten up rules on the interception of Internet and email communications. At the end of September, the European Commission referred the UK to the ECJ over failure to fully implement EU rules on the confidentiality of Internet and email communications (see the 7 October post by Gemma) and this week the Home Office published its proposals for closing the relevant loopholes in the UK statute book. Regular readers of Datonomy will recall that this debacle dates back to early 2009 and was triggered by concerns about the privacy issues raised by the online behavioural advertising service Phorm. To recap, the Commission identified a mismatch between certain requirements of the ePrivacy Directive and the UK's … Continue Reading ››
The EU Telecoms Ministers decided on Friday that they would not submit to pressure from Parliament to include measures relating to unlawful internet use in the 'Telecoms Package' which has been undergoing review for some time. This means the entire package will continue to 'conciliation' between the Parliament and Member States and such negotiation talks aren't likely to commence until the first half of September.

The Telecoms Package of course contains a wide range of issues. Datonomy has discussed at length on this post previously some of the proposals surrounding notification of breaches but there are some other less publicised changes to the Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive which could have major implications for the industry.

In particular, there is a proposal to amend the current provisions relating to cookies and other devices. This amendment would … Continue Reading ››