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The latest round up of legal and regulatory developments and other news on cybersecurity from the Datonomy blogging team at Olswang LLP. UK policy and regulatory developments
  • Latest UK stats on breach notification: The Information Commissioner’s Office published its annual report for 2014/2015 on 1 July 2015.  It includes statistics on data breach and data loss incidents reported voluntarily to the ICO (1,677 self-reported incidents, resulting in 1,707 investigations, £692,500 of fines, 3 enforcement notices and 26 undertakings).  There were 285 data breach reports by communications service providers under the compulsory PECR regime, and one CSP was fined for late notification.  It also includes statistics and trends on sources of complaints to the ICO – with security related complaints rising from 6 to 8% of all complaints reported to the ICO compared to the previous year - and on the type of enforcement action taken by the ICO in response.  Read the … Continue Reading ››
The latest responses by the UK government and the ICO to the EU reform proposals will (mostly) resonate with businesses concerned about some of the more far-reaching changes. The latest developments and time line Datonomy has been taking stock of two recent UK developments: the Government's response to the Justice Select Committee's opinion on the European Data Protection framework proposals published by the MOJ on 11 January, and the "latest views from the ICO" 2 –pager  on 22 January. Datonomy readers are no doubt au fait with the intricacies of the EU legislative process, but may nonetheless enjoy the blog post by Deputy Commissioner David Smith with its helpful insight into the current state of play and user friendly time line. Despite the strength of the European Parliament's support for the Commission's proposals, it still has a way to go, procedurally speaking. And not everyone shares the EP's wholehearted support for every aspect … Continue Reading ››