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The 32nd International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners met in Jerusalem in October, where the working theme was Privacy: Generations – the New Generations of Technologies, Users and Governance.  It’s a nice idea, Generations, if question begging, because after all the problem is the nature and degree of the changes and the transitions we are currently facing.  Another difficulty with the Generational approach is that the Directive has a rather different model of the relationship between users and technology – which it conceives of as master and servant. As Recital 2 puts it “ Whereas data-processing systems are designed to serve man..”.  The idea of the technology as a servant is more or less compatible with the idea of it being neutral, because the servant follows commands and doesn’t think. The Directive pictures the technology as an obedient neutral clerk, as pure means. This leaves the data controller and data subject … Continue Reading ››