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Today, 12 July 2016, the Privacy Shield was adopted by the EU Commission. Who would have thought that the Privacy Shield would be adopted so fast after the harsh criticism by the Art. 29 WP? The new Privacy Shield Privacy Shield registration shall be available to US companies starting August 1, 2016.  The US Department of Commerce has already provided a HOW TO JOIN GUIDE. Compared to v1 of the Privacy Shield, it got some cosmetics and fine tuning around certain passages, e.g. purpose limitation and terminology. It is, however, not certain whether all points raised by the Art. 29 Working Party or other official bodies that oversee the framework have been cured. See some rather sceptical comments:  https://www.janalbrecht.eu/themen/datenschutz-digitalisierung-netzpolitik/eu-us-privacy-shield-2.html  or http://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/privacy-shield-the-new-eu-rules-on-transatlantic-data-sharing-will-not-protect-you-1.2719018. Disqualification is threatened According to unofficial statements, the likelihood of Privacy Shield coming before the ECJ is somewhere between 60 to 70%. This is very (too !) … Continue Reading ››