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The second trilogue negotiation is, according to this previously released (unofficial) timetable for completion, scheduled for today, 14 July.  This second meeting will focus on the issues of territorial scope (Article 3) and international transfers (Chapter V).  For Datonomy readers with the stamina to read it, this 682 page document dated 8 July, but not yet uploaded to the Council’s website, has been leaked by Statewatch.  It is a line-by-line table comparing the Commission, EP and Council’s respective negotiating positions on the whole Regulation. The issues of data security, data breach notification and processor obligations contained in Chapter IV of the draft, according to the above unofficial timetable, are not due to be negotiated until September.  Although there are some differences of detail between the institutions’ positions, this is one of the less contentious aspects of the Regulation, and the leaked document does not contain any surprises as regards … Continue Reading ››